WEEE E-Scrap

WEEE(E-waste ) is widely known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

E-waste recycling has become one of the fastest growing waste in the 21st century. Due to the special nature of electronic waste, it is very important how to handle it properly. Ejet magnet has been working hard to develop magnetic separation equipment for processing and recycling discarded electronic products. From saving resources, achieve recycling and reuse of renewable resources, the concept of circular economy deals with electronic waste.

Among the 109 fixed-point home appliance dismantling enterprises in China, 65 of them use our eddy current separator.

Eccentric Pole Eddy Current Separator

Non – ferrous metal recovery equipment with eccentric high – speed magnetic roller for fine copper and aluminum recovery.

Permanent Overband Magnet

Permanent Overband Magnets are designed with a continuously running belt to tramp and automatically remove ferrous metal from conveyed material