Rotation Grate Magnet

Rotary Grate Magnet are widely used in field of chemical,food, refractory, which are designed for removing ferrous from powder or graininess materials, especially for those high viscosity or poor fluidity materials that is prone to caking or bridging.

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Description :

This revolving Grate Magnetic separator provide speedy automatic removal ferromagnetic contamination from dry powders super fine and other bulk processed products, especially suitable high viscosity or difficult flow characteristics material which is tend to stick, clog and bridge. when using traditional, stationary tube style magnetic separators.

Principle :

These Grate Magnets feature a housing with a cylindrical configuration of Rare Earth magnetic tubes that continually rotate through the rotation of drive motor. By rotating, the magnets break up clumps, keep the product flowing and remove any ferrous metal.

Structure :

This powerful revolving grate magnetic separator consists of a cyclic magnetic bar group (grate) and a housing outside. motor is for driving the magnetic separation rods rotating.


1.Rotary Grate magnets is sanitary and economic method for the removal of fine or weakly magnetic metals

2.The rotary action allow 24-hour continuous operation without the bridging or clogging that is usually experienced with grate magnets

3.The magnetic part made of powerful Rare Earth magnets ,the maximum strength can be exceeded 12500Gs

4.100% food grade stainless steel housing with flange for easy installation

5.A variety of models could be customized strictly according application requirements.


Specialty designs available with removable tube assemblies for easy cleaning

ModelDimension(mm)Motor powerNo. of rodsWeight(Kg)
Inlet DiameterWLHKW
Rotary Grate Magnets are widely used in building materials, chemical, coal, food, refractory, pharmacy, etc.Products are of some moisture, a little viscous that have bridging problems.

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