High Gradient Magnetic Separator

characteristics of high magnetic field strength, low energy consumption and wide practicability.Used for selecting weakly magnetic minerals, removing iron from non-metallic materials, improving the purity of materials.

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The high-gradient magnetic head pulley separates the very small and weakly magnetic pieces of ferrous metal and stainless steel.

A drawback of a high-gradient magnet it that it is so powerful that it also attracts other bits of magnetic material, such as pieces of plastic, wood or rubber contaminated with iron oxide.


Stainless steel that has been processed through a shredder can become weak magnetic by means of this mechanical deformation.

A high-gradient head pulley magnetic system is a conveyor belt system with a very powerful integrated magnetic conveyor roller. This powerful field is created by the combination of neodymium magnets. Then there would be 10,000 Gauss on the conveyor belt.

The splitter separates the product flow physically into a weakly magnetic metal fraction and an inert (non-magnetic) fraction.


Superior 14,000 Gauss on drum surface.
Pulley permanent magnet makes instant separation.
separates weakly magnetic particles > 0.1 mm
separates ferrous particles > 30 µm (sporadic)
neodymium magnet (Max 14,000 Gauss at the shell)

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